How We Do It

Here’s how our exclusive 24 Hour, 100% FREE & EASY plan for finding you the perfect Charlotte area commercial space works.

Step 1 Tell us all about it.
Fill out & send the Quick Start Form on this page. Your form will give us a very good, general overview of your commercial needs. We’ll then send you a custom report with a list of properties that may be perfect based on your basic needs.


Step 2 We’re on it!
Now we go deep! We need to dig deeper by briefly meeting to review the specific number of private offices needed, your specific commercial needs, your company vibe, desired floor plan, monthly, budget, location and style; as well as establish our 100% FREE tenant representation relationship with these 2 quick and easy docs Working With Agents and Exclusive Buyer/Tenant Agency Agreement. This is key to your success!

As your tenant rep, my team can now mass email all area commercial brokers your specific commercial space needs. My team will review all the search results, then narrow down the list to ONLY properties meeting your EXACT criteria (including floor plan and number offices…which is not a searchable field in our MLS).  Within 24 Hours, we email you the short list so you can make pick out your perfect commercial property. Remember, our service is 100% FREE to you, we will be paid by the landlord.


Step 3 It’s go time!

Now we set up a tour of the pre-screened, short list of properties that match your exact criteria. You pick out your perfect commercial space, and we will negotiate an awesome deal for you.That’s it! Done!
Bonus!  We’ll also set you up with a custom, 24 hour, daily commercial search to ensure any new search match comes directly to your inbox the day it hits the market!


Questions? Call or text me right now: Jeff Taylor 704-277-5333.

To get started, fill out the Quick Start form below. Your perfect commercial space is only 24 Hours away.